Adventures in Costa Rica & Panama

Thursday, February 21, 2013

After two weeks in Costa Rica and Panama it was good to comeback home to my bed and beauty products. We had an amazing time on our trip but after staying in hostels and backpacking for two weeks plus an extreme version of food poisoning, it was nice to come back home. Our trip started off in San Jose, Costa Rica. We headed out to the famed Arenal Volcano, rafted the Rio Balsa, and zip lined in Monteverde. However, it was in Monteverde that our plans changed entirely. We changed our itinerary and ended up adding Panama to the list, turning out the be the best decision we made. Here are a few pictures and you can see how beautiful the water was in Panama. 

Nate at our watering hole in Peurto Viejo, Costa Rica
Delicious fish curry in Peurto Viejo, Costa Rica
The border crossing to Panama
We finally made it to Bocas del Toro!
More beers back in Costa Rica.

Please note that I did not take my fancy-pants camera to Costa Rica as we were backpacking and staying in hostels. I also never brought my camera to the beach (a sad story of sand getting into my camera lens in high school has made me fearful), so these are only a few pictures (Nate took most of the pics). 

However, I hope you guys still enjoyed!


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