Best of 2012: Makeup & Nails

Friday, February 8, 2013

I know its incredibly late, but after being in Costa Rica and Panama on vacation, I still wanted to share my favorite products for the last year. This is part one of two that I'll be posting. The first being makeup and nails and the second will be skincare, body care, haircare, and any random bits. 

After an entire year of trying out products and falling in and out of love with them its so hard to finally pick which ones are your favorites. Life is hard. Truth be told, many of those items were easy picks. They are the products that I reach for almost daily and are cemented into my daily routines. As much as I love to test out every product that is available, there are those that never leave my stash regardless of how many times they show up in an empties video.

This video talk about my favorites makeup bases, from primers to BB creams and foundations, and then into lip products, from conditioners to liner and lipsticks. Watch the video below to see all the products mentioned and a brief description on why these products were the best of 2012. 

Hope you enjoyed!

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