Review: Origins Clear Improvement

Sunday, February 24, 2013

When your skin is feeling a bit clogged and a breakout has either already occurred or is on the horizon I  recommend Origins Clear Improvement. I picked up this little travel size version from the Origins counter at my local Macy's to give this one a go. FYI Origins has many of their top selling items in smaller, travel size versions available. In my opinion its a great and more affordable way to try out a products before investing in the full size. 

The charcoal mask feels like a typical clay mask, but the dark gray, almost black color can give your little kitten or boyfriend quite the fright. After applying a thick layer all over my face, I let the mask dry completely before using a damp face cloth to remove it. Note that I am the type that tends to leave masks on for much longer than is instructed on the bottle. I had this baby on for an hour before removal (it does say to leave it on until it dries and thats how long it took for me).

As the mask was drying on my skin I could feel it pulling the impurities out. It feels fantastic and is not too drying for my already dry and sensitive skin. I've been using the mask once a week to keep my skin under control and I barely get any zits at all. Now, I don't know if that's from this mask or my entire skin care routine, regardless I love this product and will be sure to purchase the larger size once this little mini is complete. 

Origins Clear Improvement can be purchased on the Origins website, or any retailer that sells Origins products (i.e. Macy's). 

Hope you enjoy the review & the product and let me know if you've tried this mask or any others from Origins. 


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