Weekend in Mexico: A Wedding in Riviera Maya

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

4 days in Riviera Maya, just outside of Cancun, was the perfect weekend getaway. A few weeks ago Nate and I stepped in when my parents couldn't attend to a family-friend's wedding. The weekend was full of food, friends, festivities, and many very water-downed drinks. The ocean side resort was beautiful, the water was warm and the sun was shining all weekend. It was very hard to return to Oregon after such an amazing vacation. I thought I would share with you a few photos from our trip.

Our first breakfast at the resort was delicious! I love warmer climates because they have so many fresh and delicious fruits that just aren't the same back home.

The water was crystal clear and aqua blue. Everyday was spending lounging around the beach and playing in the water. 

The day of the wedding finally arrived! The wedding was right on the beach, a very intimate and beautiful ceremony full of lots of crying and laughing. 

We decided it would be appropriate to change out of our swimsuits for the wedding.

The reception was full of handmade decorations and the food was a mexican style family-style meal. Probably the beat food we ate the whole time we were there. 

They had laid out disposable cameras on the tables so guests could shoot photos for the bride and groom. Nate of course dove right in.

A sweet moment during the groom + mother dance. Note the bubble machine. 

And finally, as all good Jewish wedding go, the bride, groom, and all the bridesmaids (one shown) were thrown in the air while sitting on chairs. A dangerous but time old tradition I always look forward to at every Jewish wedding or Bar Mitzvah. 

I hope you guys enjoyed a little glimpse into my weekend in Mexico!


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