Restaurant: City State Diner

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The day of my birthday Nate took me here for a celebratory brunch. We had been eyeing this place for the last couple months or so and decided to finally take the dive when it was just the two of us during the middle of the week; weekends are packed and expect a long wait, especially if you are in a large group. Overall, the food was good, nothing to die for, and the service was mediocre at best. I would definitely like to go back and give it a second shot at some point. 

The diner-esque ambience is the Portland hipster-scene at its finest. Casual and laid back, while also having deep-friend softshell crab benedict on the menu. Unfortunately, this seasonal dish didn't make an appearance when we graced City State Diner with our presence. Instead, Nate ordered the crab cake hash and I, the juevos rancheros; one of my all-time favorites. Nate's was bland and basically tasted like two-day-old crab cakes (which are on the menu btw) flaked into home fries. To say the least, hot sauce flowed like wine.

As can be seen above, my jeuvos and green chili were awkwardly served using a giant flour tortilla as a bread bowl; not ideal and not conducive to successful juevos (I would have much preferred two smaller tacos on a plate rather than a bowl). Other than some misguided plating, the green chili juevos rancheros were solid and something I would recommend if you happen to come here.

Despite the slightly disappointing food, Nate and I both agreed that we may very well try this place again. Truth is, our standards for great brunch have been set pretty high by some of the other Portland eateries; and especially by my all time favorite, Snooze in Denver (review to come).

Hope you enjoyed!


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