Weekend in Montana: Big Sky

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The day after my birthday four of us piled into the Subaru and made our way to Big Sky, Montana to see friends and play in the snow. The 12 hour drive included Dicks Hamburgers, hours of Eddy Vedder, and a couple speeding tickets that didn't slow us down. We immediately passed out after the long drive and only 4 hours later we were hitting the slopes. For a beginner skier like myself, and the advanced skiers that I was with, Big Sky was both an exciting and beautiful experience. I thought I would share a few pictures from our weekend adventure.

Dicks Hamburgers in Spokane, Washington
Class acts eating by the car
Don't think I would eat this again by choice
Big Sky Montana
Blue Bird
Artsy Fartsy Snowboards & Skis
My Boo
The Boys

I improved my skiing ability, spent time with old friends, and ate and drank a plenty; a successful weekend in my opinion.

I know there were lots of pictures but I hope you guys still enjoyed!

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