Review: Maybeline On Fire Red

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The new Maybeline Vivid lipsticks are my new favorites. Today I have one of them to show you guys, Maybeline's On Fire Red. Not only is this a bright and loud lipstick, perfect for spring, but it's actually on the more wearable end of the Vivid choice. Sometimes I find it very difficult to wear lipstick because my lips can get very cracked and dry, thus making it almost impossible for clean and precise lipstick application. However, with One Fire Red and as well as the other colors in the line, the consistency is creamy and incredibly easy to apply. 

I recommend taking a gander at not only On Fire Red, but as well as the other colors in the Vivids collection. There you will find colors that are usually rare on the drugstore market; colors that are perfect for the upcoming warmer months. For the price, why not get them all? Don't forget, your lips can be the perfect accessory to an outfit!

Hope you enjoyed!


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