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Monday, May 27, 2013

When one nail gets damaged, they all have to go. I can't tolerate having nails that are different lengths, maybe it's the years of architecture school, but it puts me off completely (only slightly melodramatic). Thus, the nails get the chop; which I really don't mind come warmer weather. Once I say goodbye to the claws, there are a few colors in particular that I love to wear on shorter nails; nudes being one of them. Today I bring you a peach-nude polish that went on opaque in just one coat! This polish from The New Black's Cream Puff Collection, has already become one of my favorites.

Unfortunately lacking an individual name, I must refer to this cutie, as the "peach" from a set that I picked up at, The Cream Puff Collection. The polishes are tiny, as you can see by the awkward giant-hand photos, but they pack a lot of punch in those mini bottles. Ordering online, I was at first disappointed with the size (that's what she said), 0.125 oz, thinking that the handle and brush would be too small for clean application and that I would finish the bottle off in three manicures. Not the case at all. After applying my base coat, the polish went on so easily, I had no problems with the brush, and it settled itself out to an even surface very quickly. 

I love this shade for summer and I think it will look even better once I get more of a tan. I'm also looking forward to trying out the rest of the colors in the collection! All the colors in the set are perfect for spring/summer and I personally like to where pastels all year. Definitely keep an eye out for a follow up post on the rest of the collection! Let me know if you have even tried a nail polish from The New Black.

Hope you enjoyed!

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