Review: Pai Rosehip Bioregenrate

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Oils. I love them. From cooking to skincare, I'm so happy oils are in my life. Not only are they packed full of nutrients, thus consuming them helps your skin from the inside out; but using them as topical treatments can treat all sorts of skin concerns and skin types. Remember, just because you have oily skin, it doesn't mean you should stay clear of facial oils and cleansers. You may actually be producing excess sebum because your skin is dehydrated and overcompensating.

Today, I bring you you Pai Rosehip Bioregnerate, a facial oil that I use as a nightly treatment. Rosehip is an ingredient that is hydrating and moisturizing, and this product claims to contain the highest concentration of rosehip oil on the market! Alongside the rosehip oil, the high levels of "Trans-Retinoic Acid"* when applied to the skin's surface converts to Vitamin A, the skin's natural way of repairing and healing itself. Not only are you hydrating, you are helping to fade sun damage and acne scarring. The only downfall with this product is the smell. But that only comes with the fact that Pai products are completely natural and certified organic, formulated without perfumes and unnecessary ingredients. I'm a huge fan of the brand as a whole, and this product is one of the best facial treatments that I've tried.
Over the last month of using it, I can truly say this is one of my favorite products!

Hope you enjoyed!

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