Top 5: The Classic Red Nail

Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring and Summer nails typically means baby pinks, mints, corals, and neons. However, more recently I have been finding myself gravitating towards the ever classic, red manicure. Like the red lip and the little black dress, the red nail will never go out of style. Last month I did a Nail of the Day featuring one of my favorite Sally Hansen nail polishes, Cherry Red, which inspired me to dig through my collection and find all the red polishes that I love so dearly; thus bringing you, my Top 5 favorite classic red nail polishes.

We begin with OCC, NSFW. A brand that we mostly hear about their lip tars, but their nail polishes should not be overlooked. The formulation is great. After two coats, the polish reached full opacity and leveled out completely. Second featured is the already famous, Cherry Red, always a great drugstore option without skipping out on great quality.

Unfortunately, the third nail polish I have featured here, Deborah Lippman's It's Raining Men is at a much higher price point than the rest, $17!!! But as per usual, Deborah doesn't disappoint with a great formulation and classic color. Fourth, I bring you Essie's Head Mistress. This is the darkest of the colors I have in this small gathering. It is less of a cherry red and more of a blood red, maybe even a little classier than the rest, dare I say? Unfortunately Essie polishes don't last long on my hands, but I don't mind since I reapply nail polish every few days anyhow. Finally, last but not least, OPI Big Apple Red. You can't tell from the photos, but I'm almost done with this miniature bottle and am ever so eager to buy this in full size. However, as you can see I'm in no need of red nail polish (these are my favorites, so yes there are more in the collection), so my purchase will have to be put on hold.
After careful consideration and research, I have come to conclusion that the real question at hand is not which polish is better but... is there really such a thing as too much red nail polish?

Let me know what your favorite red nail polish is in the comments below!


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