Restaurant: Sausalito Burger

Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's always refreshing to be completely satisfied with a restaurant after hearing rave reviews. Many times I find myself underwhelmed because just like beauty products, restaurants can be over-hyped. My recent experience at Sausalito Burger was everything it's cracked up to be. More of an eatery rather than a restaurant, a menu of 5 items, as simple as everything was, as delicious was the hamburger I shared with Miranda. 

The establishment is right on the water in Sausalito. Prime location, barely any square footage. There are maybe 4 or 5 seats inside, a gigantic rotating grill, and on the weekends, a line out the door. Fortunately for us, we had the opportunity to explore Sausalito in the middle of the week, thus giving us an open window to finally try this world class burger joint,

The burger was juicy and cooked to perfection, which for us was medium; another plus, each burger/chicken sandwich is made to order. Unfortunately I cannot speak on the chicken sandwiches, as the burger took all my attention, but I'm sure it's worth a try. The rest of the condiments were fresh and perfect counterparts to the red meat. 

We ordered our food and grabbed it to go on our way to Muir Woods, possibly making the juicy burger that much better. If you are ever in the Bay Area and are doing the tourist thing, definitely stop into Sausalito Burger, even with the hour-long weekend line, it's worth it. 

Hope you enjoyed! 

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