A Week in Australia Part I: Sydney

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I am so fortunate to have so many friends and family all over the world. Not only do I have amazing people to stay with, but incredible tour guides as well. There is no doubt that knowing somebody in a foreign country can make your experience infinitely better and more authentic. Having an insider's guide to the best restaurants and beaches made my trip to Australia amazing. My cousin was getting married in Melbourne and I of course wanted to be part of her special day. Over the course of my trip, I spent six days in Sydney and three days in Melbourne. For today's post, I bring you a few of the photos  taken whilst in Sydney.

First things first, there are too many beautiful beaches in Sydney to count. There were man-made pools on the edge of the beach that would fill with the sea water (see below). Do note that I was there at the end of winter and the weather was still this beautiful.

One of the more famous beaches, Bondi Beach was surely something to see. I was so jealous of my friend who grew up coming here to surf and lay in the sun every day after school during highschool! We also had an amazing salad for lunch. It was made with slow-cooked lamb, yogurt, white kidney beans, pomegranate seeds, roasted carrots, fennel, mint & feta, absolutely divine and something I need to try to recreate!

One of my favorite spots was a little park in Dover Heights that was at the edge of the world. Not only were there plenty of adorable dogs running around, but this is one of the moments when I felt the shear distance between Australia and North America while looking out at the vastness of the Pacific Ocean (cheesy, but true). 

I had such an amazing time with my family friends. The only way this trip could have been any more perfect would have been if Nate and my parents were there to share it with me.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and stay tuned for Part II: Melbourne coming soon!



  1. Beautiful pictures - that house on the cliff looks just perfect, I imagine it must be such a calming place to live! I travelled through Australia when I was 19-20 years old and I really loved their lifestyle.. Everything is just so chilled and the nature is so beautiful.. Looking forward to your Melbourne post!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment! My family friends live a block away from that park! It's so beautiful, and totally surreal standing on the edge of that cliff. I totally agree about Australia and the lifestyle there, very appealing. This was my second visit and I have fallen in love. I've made it to a few cities but the country is so big I'm dying to go back and explore some more!


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