Top 5: Foundations

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Foundations are the base of makeup application. Despite the pun...I stand by that statement. Without a solid foundation product, I find it very difficult to successfully achieve the look I'm attempting to obtain. Regardless of degree of coverage, I tend to wear foundation almost all days. Of course there are the concealer and eyeliner and out-the-door days, and even no makeup whatsoever days; but the average work day I want/need to look more awake and presentable to clients and coworkers. Looking your best and putting effort in how you present yourself is a sign of respect towards the people you are surrounded by.

I'm so happy this video was requested because it's a perfect topic for me. For the skincare obsessed junkie, foundation and base products are the skincare-to-makeup hybrid product (especially the Korean BB creams I have to share). I love my blushes and bronzers, but I find myself testing and trying new foundations more than any other makeup product. Today I finally bring you my top 5. In general my skin does not change dramatically with the seasons, so these products have received a great deal of love over the last year. Definitely be sure to check out the video below for some great foundation/makeup base recommendations.

Products Mentioned:

MAC Face & Body Foundation

Hope you enjoyed!


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