A Week in Australia Part II: Melbourne

Thursday, October 24, 2013

After spending a few days in Sydney, the second part of my Australian adventure began in Melbourne. My main purpose for my trip was for my cousin's wedding. So the majority of the time spent in Melbourne was focused around that. Unfortunately, I only had one day where I had the opportunity to check out some local architecture, take a few photos and spend time enjoying such a beautiful city. 

I found it fascinating how completely different Sydney and Melbourne are to one another. The architecture is more contemporary and expressive, reminiscent of the dramatic gestures that form the skylines of architecturally experimental Berlin. 

The wedding was beyond beautiful. A traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony in the afternoon and a tastefully orchestrated reception in the evening. The wedding was every girl's fantasy. My cousin looked like a princess and she even left the reception on a speedboat while sipping on a champagne! Thank you so much Stephanie and Nick for sharing your special day with me. 

Unfortunately I had to leave Melbourne the day after the wedding to make it back in time to Sydney to catch my flight back home. All in all, I had an amazing time in Australia and can't wait to come back soon! 

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