NOTD: Julep Cleopatra

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'm always looking for new twists on classic shades when it comes to both makeup and fashion. Black has been "on-trend" for long enough now that I turn to black nails as often as a classic red and neutral nude. Thus, finding a shade that is a slight twist and change from a glossy black nail brings a fresh look to a comfortable color. Today I'm sharing my new favorite fall nail, Julep's Cleopatra. A matte color who's texture is aptly coined by Julep, as "Black Latex". 

As well as a pair of black latex leggings being on my wish list this fall/winter, my nails can partake in the trend along side. After two coats, the polish dries evenly and quickly into a beautiful matte finish. It was a little difficult to take accurate pictures of the sheen, and finish of the polish, so please excuse the "double-chin" angle of my hand. Regardless of fat fingers for the photo, the polish is shown in all its glory. As far as textured finishes that have been hitting the nail polish scene in the last year, this is one of my favorites, and what I consider to be one of the most wearable. Definitely check this polish out if you are like me and love that "so dark blue, it's almost black" and other takes on classic looks. Julep polishes can be found at Sephora and on the Julep website

Hope you enjoyed, 

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