Beauty Haul #4: Korean Cosmetics

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cosmetics from all around the world have always been something that has sparked my interest. From ingredients to the way skincare is marketed and packaged in different countries is something I could spend a lifetime comparing and contrasting. When I had the opportunity during my recent trip to Hawaii to stop by two Korean beauty shops, The Face Shop and Nature Republic. Products from both brands can be found online (eBay, amazon, and other online asian cosmetic retailers), but there is something to say for seeing products in person and getting to play with the testers. The Face Shop has additional locations in Northern and Southern California, Chicago, and New York while Nature Republic seems to only be in New York and Hawaii (in terms of US locations). I have also found that the products are better priced in stores rather than online, so if  you are interested and are in the proximity, I definitely recommend stopping in (links to locations are below).

Be sure to check out the video below to see some closeups of my new goodies! Also note, I did my best to find links to the products mentioned, but many I could not find an online seller. If you are really trying to get your hands on these things, the sales associates at both locations told me many people will place phone orders (links to locations are below), which I may very well do if I fall in love with the products.

Products Mentioned:

The Face Shop:
Sake Clarifying Gel Body Scrub
Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Special Kit (gift with purchase)

Nature Republic:
Given By Nature Rose Hip Sheet Mask
CC Cream (sample)

Hope you enjoyed!

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