Review: Boscia Bright White Mask

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Another day, another face mask review. Today's mask is a little bit different from ones before as it is a "peeling" mask. The Boscia Bright White Mask has been coined as a "Biore pore-strip for your entire face". The white tacky substance is meant to be thickly spread over your skin and as the mask dries it is supposedly pulling the impurities (aka blackheads) to the surface. Subsequently, when you peel it off, it will physically remove those blackheads from the surface of your skin. 

The first thing I noticed when squeezing the product onto my fingers was the overwhelming plastic smell. It makes you really feel like your slapping chemicals on your face, rather than a calming and relaxing treatment (which is how I typically enjoy my masking time). Also, the key with this product is to put A LOT on. On the edges of my face, where the product thinned, it was extremely difficult to remove and I ultimately had to whip out a warm, wet washcloth to scrub it away. If you do lay it on in a thick layer, the mask will indeed peel off in large pieces (I got it off in two sheets). 

Upon removal of the mask, I definitely noticed a difference in the texture and brightness of my skin, but there was just something about the whole process that made me not want to buy the full size product. I received this deluxe sample with a Sephora order and was able to get two uses out of it, so I feel like I got a good feel for the product. Unfortunately, the smell of curing plastic laminate combined with the fact that I felt like I was ripping off the first layer of my skin has resulted in a disappointing review of the Boscia Bright White Mask. I definitely recommend, without a doubt, to stay far away from this product if you dry and sensitive skin. Hope the review was helpful!


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