Review: LUSH Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Today I'm bringing you a new face mask that I have been loving from LUSH, Brazened Honey. This clay-based deep cleansing mask was perfect for my irritated and incredibly acne-ridden skin over the holidays. With all the sweets and fatty foods, my skin was reflecting all the terrible things I was putting in my body. According to the LUSH website this is an Indian Ayurvedic inspired face mask and the scent of all the spices is part of the whole experience.

I definitely recommend this mask if your skin is feeling clogged and congested. Even though Brazened Honey is geared towards oily skin, and my skin as of recently has been more on the side of combination to dry, I still loved this mask and didn't feel that it was too drying. However, if you have dry, flakey skin I do not recommend it. As you are applying the mask over your face, ground almonds physically exfoliate and while the mask dries, the kaolin clay pulls out all the impurities. 
Definitely check out Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask if you are looking for something to combat congested skin without drying it out.
Hope you enjoyed!


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