Review: First Aide Beauty Face Cleanser

Thursday, April 3, 2014

As of late I am falling madly in love with many products from the First Aid Beauty Range. Not only are they reasonably priced for high quality products, but they contain no nasty ingredients, are safe for all skin types (including sensitive), and are incredibly effective. In the past I've only used the shaving cream, and was very impressed, but recently I've gotten my hands on some of their most basic and best selling products. Today's review is on the First Aide Beauty Face Cleanser

Creamy and foaming but without stripping the skin, this white cleanser has been great for my hyper-sensitive skin. The last few weeks have also proven to be intensely stressful and my skin shows it! First Aide Beauty to the rescue with this calming and fragrance-free cleanser. After makeup removal I lather this all over my face with either my hands or in combination with my Clarisonic, I feel refreshed and cleansed, without that "tight-skin feeling". I definitely recommend this delicate and lovely cleanser for anyone and everyone. If you are suffering from irritated and acne-prone skin (like me) the First Aide Beauty Face Cleanser with surely calm your woes. 


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