Morning Skincare Routine

Monday, May 19, 2014

A long awaited and much requested video, I bring you My Morning Skincare Routine. I love my skincare, there is no doubt about that, and in this video I give you mini reviews and show you how I use all my morning products. I also share a little on my philosophy behind my morning cleansing and moisturizing ritual. Do note, and proceed with caution, everyone's skin is different and may react differently to various ingredients and products. Something that works beautifully for me, can have adverse reactions on you. Thus, take advantage of samples and testers at your locals stores and counters. And always remember to patch test new skincare on a hard to see area on your neck/chin before going hog wild! Be sure to watch the video below to see how I start my day and the products that give me clear and hydrated skin! 

Make sure to stay tuned for my evening skincare routine and a third part featuring sunscreens, exfoliants, and treatments.

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