The Bump Shelf

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hey everyone! After time away, I'm beginning my return with an endorsement for a really good friend of mine. As many of you know, and can maybe tell from my blog name, my everyday job is an architect. One of my fellow designers and friends has branched out and with the help of her friend and business partner has created an awesome home wares company. Right now their initial products include two shelves, The Bump Shelf and The Baby Bump, and coasters. 

Currently they are on kickstarter and have a mere 36 hours left to get their target goal! I've linked the kickstarter site where you can check out their sweet video and some beautiful photos. I'm personally excited for the concrete planters that are yet to come once WNKSHP explodes! 

If you are in the market for accent pieces for your home that are not only meticulously crafted, but look amazing. Definitely something to check out for those of you that have a liking to minimalist/mid-century/contemporary design!

Lots of love!

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