Review: By Terry Baume de Rose

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Today's review is of a product that I've mentioned in numerous videos over the last couple of years. 
However, it's one that always comes with a disclaimer and one that I have hesitated to write a review on. The reason for all this wishy-washyness (not a word) is because of the hefty price tag. I almost feel as though this has become the "Product-That-Shall-Not-be-Named", but I've delayed long enough.

The By Terry Baume de Rose is my weakness! There, I said it. It's an ultra-luxe rose-scented lip balm that makes you feel like a princess. And on top of that, it works! It's incredibly reparative and gives you full, beautifully nourished lips all winter long. I have an arsenal, and I mean ARSENAL, of rosey-balmy lip conditioners that  I've collected in an attempt to find a dupe, and NONE come close to this beauty. 

How can some one justify $60 on a lip balm you ask? Honestly I can't. I will however be repurchasing this ASAP (just finished the pot - these pictures are a bit old). Not only is this an amazing lip repair, but it's also beautiful on the lips. I found myself wearing this as my main lip product for the day when I was just looking for something comfortable and flattering. It always makes my lips plumper and healthier; and totally kissable, making it the perfect date night lip product.

This is something for the luxury lovers and beauty junkies of this world. It's not for the feint of heart when it comes to dropping $$ on cosmetics. But for those of you in the prior category that have been living under a rock and have never given this a go, I urge you to spend your well-earned money on a tiny jar of lip balm. FYI it lasts forever :)


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