R&D: Kiehl's BB Cream

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Another foundation review and demo! Spoiler Alert! I have already totally finished and loved this product! Truth is, I filmed this video at the end of the summer/beginning of fall and finally got around to editing the footage. However, I continued to use the Kiehl's BB Cream for the rest of fall and into the harsher winter months. Even though I live in a relatively temperate environment (San Francisco), my skin does change dramatically with the seasons.

Check out the video to see the demo of the BB Cream and the rest of my thoughts on this new favorite of mine. 

Overall, two thumbs up - especially with the skincare benefits I saw with consistent use of the Kiehl's BB Cream. Biggest complaint is the shade selection! 

I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Please let me know if you have tried the Kiehl's BB Cream and what your thoughts are :)


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